Thursday, 10 January 2019

What's Pollution?

Pollution could be defined as the poisoning of air with an unpleasant smell that is toxic to the body. Pollution is never a good thing. It is usually harmful to the body and is usually kicked against.

Pollution arises sometimes due to lack of proper regulatory bodies or the inadequacy of the creation of awareness by governmental bodies. We have different types of pollution some of which includes:

Land pollution
Air pollution
Noise pollution
Water pollution

Land pollution: Land pollution has to do with the pollution of land through the use of waste products. These waste products could be spoiled meals. This expired product when left carelessly on land or pedestrian walkway becomes a nuisance to people. The sight is never appealing. And it also it a way contributes to air pollution because this waste product would begin to develop an offensive odor that wouldn't affect normal air.

Air pollution: Air pollution has to do with the pollution of air with sickly and acidic products like smoke, as well as smiles from cars, bush burning, the smell of waste products, dirty drainage, etc. The aforementioned pollutes the air and never allows for the proper intake of fresh air which is very important.

Noise pollution: Noise pollution occurs when loud and unwanted sounds are heard. For example the sound of the generator. Sounds like this when heard consistently can affect one's hearing and thus is termed pollution. Heavy music is also Moise pollution.

Teenagers for instance who throw parties usually tend to play loud music that they enjoy which would indirectly affect neighbors living close by.

People should try to listen to music at normal volumes. It isn't everyone who would like to blow their eardrums off with loud music. Also, businesses shouldn't be done where people residing in order not to cause noise pollution with the sound of loud generators.

Water pollution: When unwanted substances are thrown into the water. When a bodily substance is thrown into the water. These substances can include; Feaces, urine, water that has been used to clean house items or clothes. Substances like these should never be thrown into the river because it pollutes the water.

The water drilling in most of our houses is being gotten from the river and as such these rivers should be kept clean always. One should as well understand that the water we drink goes directly to our bloodstream and do should be taken seriously so as not to come in contact with sicknesses that shall have been avoided.

We would be safer from sickness if our environment is devoid of any form of pollution. If wasted products are burnt where humans do not reside, feces and urine are dumped in their proper places. Generators are kept far away, out of hearing. These actions if taken seriously can help avoid a lot of health problems that constantly affects individuals living in polluted areas.

If awareness is also created about the outcome of this waste product carelessly thrown about in improper places. Then a lot of health issues would be reduced greatly.

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