Thursday, 10 January 2019

What's Culture

Culture has to do with a peculiar way persons in a particular community speak. The way they interact, the languages they speak, the food they eat, etc.

So in summary, culture has to do with a settler's way of life. People in diverse countries live and interact differently. Culture has been from inception. People's culture differs ranging from the types of clothes they wear, the nature of the food they eat, the manner they eat it.

Their languages, beliefs, norms, etc. These are the factors that distinguish one culture from the other. They are some cultures for instance that feel that a woman is not supposed to put on trousers. There are also done cultures that see nothing with it.

Types of culture:
Material culture
Non-material culture
*Material Culture: Has to do with the physical factors that one can see and touch. These physical factors include Clothes, food, currency, etc.

Some cultures can be distinguished by the type of buildings. Nigeria in earlier times had mud and thatch houses for home. Different countries as well operate with different currencies. While the United States of America deals with Dollars, Nigeria deals with Naira, while Ghana deals with Cedis. Clothing as well makes different counties and their cultures differ.

Some countries are seen to frown upon ladies and women who put on trousers while other countries make it a written law that skirts be worn by men and trousers by women.
The significance of culture is that it helps us stand out.

Persons are able to decipher between countries using these attributes. One would often wonder how the world would have been if everyone were to speak the same language. It would have been bland, wouldn't it?

Non-material culture: Non-material culture has to do with the set of beliefs, norms, and traditions that a certain country or community imbibe. None material culture is abstract in nature. What this means is that it cannot be seen nor touched.

Different communities have different traditions, cultures, and norms that govern them. There are some traditions in most countries that feel that before a woman marries, a dowry should be paid to the father in her head.

These settlers hold strongly to this culture and do not go against it. While other countries or communities sees nothing wrong know handing out their daughters freely for marriage. Certain rules and norms also distinguish countries from the other. It is a norm in Nigeria that a woman who has just out to bee be fed heavily and thoroughly with locally prepared dishes.

Conclusion: Culture in the world is inevitable and is here to stay. Culture can never be done away with. Culture is who we are, culture is what defines us. So, no one should ever feel queer because of his/ her culture.

We all are uniquely different. The difference in our clothing does not make us less human, the food we eat and the manner we eat them uniquely defines where we come from. Culture is beautiful, culture is us!

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