Thursday, 10 January 2019

What's Constitution

A constitution can be defined as rules, regulations, and norms stipulated in a document that guards the activities of people in a country or Nation.

The world as we all know would be in chaos without set principles and rules governing them. It is no lie that humans actions and inact

ion need to be controlled so that they do not overstep boundaries.

Imagine if we were to live in a world where killing and stealing was not termed and documented to be a crime. One would seldom imagine what would have been the fate of innocent humans living in the world.

So the constitution has come to serve as a sharper that shapes the actions of people in the country. And in situations where this constitution is gone against, punishment follows.

We have several types of the constitution that differ slightly from the other as it has to do with the different countries and Nations we have in the world.

Written Constitution
Unwritten constitution

Written constitution: Written constitution here implies that the rules and regulations that govern the people of a country are documented in a book. And written constitution usually signifies and heightens the importance of these set rules, it also usually points to the fact that these rules when home against usually invite severe punishment.

It is also noteworthy that these written constitutions are rigid in nature. The implication of this statement is that this constitution

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