Thursday, 10 January 2019

What is book and why book keeping?

One would often wonder what a book is and how and where it originated from. History refers to Egyptians as the early oroginators of books who had then used papyrus as writing instruments.
A book is a plain sheet of paper usually strung together for the purpose of writing and scribbling.

Technology today has made it easier for books to be aesthetically produced and done so differently. With awesome designs that appeals to different individuals.
Characteristics of books: Books have different characteristics and attributes that makes it peculiar. Some of which includes:

Durability: Books tend to be durable when handled with care. It can last for decades if kept in good environment where pests are unlikely to attack. Memories and thoughts can be saved on books and can always get referred back to. This makes books unique.

Books are also indispensable: Even Americans as developes as they are today still make use of books. This shows the importance of books. It might not be a surety that books will need go extinct. But we all know that books are here to stay.

Books are also easier to be carried around because of its portability. It is less stressful carrying books around than carrying a laptop. We all know the stress one undergoes before booting a system. Books are not like that. U would only need to flip through the pages.

Books are affordable and easily accessible. It can be gotten from stationeries. Books are never scarce and are mostly used by students.

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