Thursday, 10 January 2019

What you need to know about Occupation

Occupation could be defined as a particular job or line of business that one does to earn a living. Occupation is quite different from a profession.

While the profession focuses on one's field and expertise. Occupation is much more complex. Although both share some basic similarities. When talking about the profession, those usually involved in this sector are always good in their field.

A lawyer is practicing his profession. A doctor practices his profession. What this implies is that they've been trained and drilled in that particular field and hence, are good at it. While on the other hand, a trader can call what he does the occupation. What this means is that anyone who does occupation does not have to be trained in that

We have two types of occupation:
Job profession
Business profession
Jon Occupation: Has to do with white collar jobs as mentioned earlier.
Business Occupation: Business occupation has to go with various businesses one can venture into in order to garner money.

In a world as ours, both the professionals and those involved in businesses are part and parcel of the society. They help society grow. One cannot do away with either of them. A hairstylist is just as important as a barrister is.
This only points to the fact that one should never look down on the occupation, job or profession. As they are all in one way or the other helping grow and develop the society and even the world at large.

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