Thursday, 10 January 2019

Fictional books

Fictional books are books that are not real. Usually written through imagination. Books that are fictional means it isn't real.
Non-fictional books are books that are gotten from real life incidences and happenings. Non-fictional books are usually didactic in nature. The fact that fictional books are not gotten from life experiences does not make it less good.

Books are peculiar and long-lasting. Literature has come to stay. Books are written to educate. To help groom the young ones. Examples of fiction include Fables, folklore, etc. Books like these are usually written for entertainment. Books like this can be read at leisure. It is sometimes usually full of comics.
Non-fictional books are usually a bit more practical and applicable in our day to day lives. When gotten from life experiences, it usually helps to have a sneak peek into the past. To be more aware of certain activities and actions that took place in the past. When the past is known, can help understand for past in order to ascertain the future.
It is also entertaining but lessons are always drawn from it. Fictional and non-fictional works are used by schools.
Fictional and non-fictional works are usually educational. Most of these books are usually used in schools.

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